Who We Are

Founded in 2001, SAPMetal has been active in the metalworking sector since then.

Being continuously focused on optimising our production process, we are a company that stands out as a reference in the transformation processes that are part of our industrial flow, especially those associated with welding and surface treatments.

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SAPMetal's industrial project is sustained by the permanent and dedicated concern of the people who lead the administrative and strategic management of our company.

Consequently, we are effective in charting our course with the will to gradually expand our productive capacities, as well as our presence in new markets and industrial areas, with the main purpose of satisfying the commercial needs of our current and potential customers.

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Steel, aluminium & stainless steel welding

  • - MIG/MAG
  • - TIG
  • - Mechanised linear welding
  • - Resistance welding (spots)


  • - 2D/3D

Cutting & drilling

  • - Oxy-fuel Cutting
  • - Laser + Bending (partnership) 
  • - Magnetic drilling column machines
  • - Automatic band saw

Surface treatment

  • - Steel bead & glass bead blasting
  • - Chemical degreasing
  • - Liquid paint
  • - (Cabins 7 x 3 x 4m & 12 x 6 x 5m) 


  • - Mechanical, electrical and automation
  • - Pre-assembly of structural elements 
  • - Machine parts
  • - Electrical, mechanical and hydraulic components

Quality and inspection

  • - Certificates of materials and consumables (traceability)
  • - Welding inspection (E.N.D)
  • - Dimensional reports 
  • - Surface treatment reports
  • - CE marking (ZA.3.2 and ZA.3.4 EN1090-1)

Stainless Steel & Aluminium

As a consequence of the development of our Industrial project, we have a newly-created isolated area destined exclusively to the production of stainless steel and aluminium projects. With a useful area of 2,000 m2 and consisting of several production/welding stations, this new department presents itself as an added value for specific stainless steel & aluminium projects, accommodating, in a single and exclusive space, all the necessary equipment to support production and handling, such as 3 travelling cranes and a cabin for glass bead blasting.

This is how SAPMetal intends to reinforce its presence among its customers and potential partners with more specific objectives, whose product depends on the particularities of these materials.


Areas of Expertise

As a partner of excellence, SAPMetal has a strong presence in international markets, standing out in prototyping/unit production and small - medium series.

Our growth has been accompanied by the best feedback from companies and customers who entrust us with the production and development of their projects. This recognition is largely due to an efficient, flexible team who's committed to our customers, making SAPMetal a supplier for several industrial areas.

Currently, SAPMetal is the first choice of renowned international companies whose end product is aimed at the following industrial categories:

 Currently, SAPMetal is the first choice of renowned international companies whose end product is aimed at the following industrial categories:

Prototype production
Lifts and cargo lifts
Equipment for the Textile Industry
Heat exchangers and other energy equipment
Aeronautical maintenance
Heat exchangers and other energy equipment
Structures for automatic storage equipment and robots
Special vehicle structures and chassis
Agroforestry and earthmoving machinery